About Shidabeeda Games

Shidabeeda games main goal is to entertian everyone with good clean fun~

We're here to..

  • Create games that are not bias
  • Make games that are fun and entertaining
  • Take your suggestions on games and/or how to improve this site
  • Have a Safe place for childern to play dress up games
  • Make great quality games of all genres


(Frequntly Asked Questions)


Q. What program(s) do you use to make your games?

A. Adobe Flash CS4, you can purchase it from http://adobe.com


Q. Can you make a _______ Dress up?

A. I love suggestions :) so yes! Please email any suggestions to shidabeedagames@gmail.com


Q. May I post the doll i created on __________?

A. Yes, no link required but it would be nice~


Q. How long have you been making dress up games?

A. Since 2007 but more seriously around 2009.


Q. Can you help me make a dress up?

A. Yes, I'm not the best teacher but I'll give it a go :) I also have a tutorial on Deviantart: http://shidabeeda.deviantart.com




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